Send SMS from your Excel spreadsheet

Send SMS directly from your list.

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No need to login to our website to send SMS. Send directly from your spreadsheet.

SMS Express Excel Add-In software for Office 2016+ is installed into Excel (Windows) as an add-in. It is ideal for smaller broadcasts.

You'll need:
  • Windows PC (does not work on Mac)
  • Minimum Excel 2016
  • Internet connection
  • An SMS Express account with credits.

sms from excel download 32 bit

sms from excel download 64 bit

Which version? On your PC go to: Settings > System > About > Device Specifications: System Type (it will show 32 or 64 bit)

  • After downloading, doubleclick the SMSExpressSetup Installer to run, and it will install itself into Excel in Add-Ins tab. Open an Excel file (or new file).

  • Click SMS Express add-in icon, then login with your SMS Express Username & Password.

  • Then click Send Text Message to open the program.

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send sms from within Excel

send sms from within Excel