Birthday, Anniversary, Annual SMS

Automatic SMS for staff & client birthdays, anniversaries, annual reminders via SMS

Set and forget, automated annual text messages. It operates from your online account in "the cloud", so there's no need to have your computer on.

  • FREE B-Day module already in your online account - JUST ADD PEOPLE!
  • Text messages sent at your scheduled times and dates
  • Easy to create, edit, delete and add new records
  • Have separate BDay Groups: eg for birthdays, annual events, reminders..
  • There's 4 merge fields for optional personalisation
  • Use for ANY annual event
  • Great morale booster for staff. Customers or members will love your great service!

Create an SMS Express account, buy some credits, and you're ready to roll. You will need to create a spreadsheet with:

  • Column A: mobile number
  • Column B: Day
  • Column C: Month
  • Column D-G: Optional placeholder fields, but ideal for personalisation

For example: 0418384394 | 25 | 6 | Donald .

This is very easy to do. You can download the Birthday Setup Guide PDF below. Or if you are pushed for time, send it to us and we'll do it for you.

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Download PDF Birthday Setup Guide

Note: if you want to add a test birthday message to see how it looks, the B-Day module works differently from the SMS functions and is not instant. It needs 24 hours to lock into the system. So please setup your test message to go out tomorrow. Any issues just contact us.

wish staff happy birthday via sms

happy birthday texts

Other ways you can use automated SMS reminders

  • Insurance policy renewals.
  • "Time to service your car"
  • "Your rental renewal is due" text message reminder
  • "Your annual aircon service is due. Call or reply to book a time"
  • "Our huge Easter Event starts next week. Get your tickets here:" (click to your website from the SMS)
  • "Merry Xmas..and don't forget we're open over the holiday period"
  • Other celebratory events such as Diwali Festival or Chinese New Year
  • Footy or Melbourne Cup tips and sweepstake reminders
  • "School holidays start next week. Don't forget to..."
  • "Our annual fundraising dinner is on again. Book your tickets now:"
  •  "Jane your annual medical checkup is due. Call or reply SMS to make an appointment with Dr Chris."
  • Important seasonal reminders: "Fire season is almost here again"
  • Any annual events in your organisation? Use SMS to rally the troops!
  • You also get 4 "merge" placeholder fields to super-personalise your texts. Here's an example using 3 placeholder fields: Hello Jim, your mower is due for its annual service on 1 May. Can we book you in? Reply with the best time or call 1300 668 287. See you soon! Zippy Mowers".

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A true story...

"Every year my hairdresser sends me a Happy Birthday text message with an offer for a free treatment with my colour on my next visit. This costs my hairdresser virtually nothing and he doesn't have to discount anything. I feel special, the hairdresser keeps my business... a win for everyone."

The BDAY module is already setup in your SMS Express online account. All you need to do is create an account, add your people, make sure you have enough SMS credits, and the text messages will go out at your scheduled times and dates.

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